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We offer a wide range of building materials, phone & spare parts, technology, textiles and wood products trading services designed to add value and create international trade opportunities. Ateş Gold Kuyumculuk is one of the leading export companies in the sector.

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What We Do?

We have many years of experience in the field of wood products, phone & spare parts, textiles products, technology and buildin materials. Although our working system is B2B, we design and export products in a way that makes the end user happy.

We carry a large inventory of pressure treated lumber products, including preservative treated lumber, timbers, and plywood, and interior and exterior fire retardant treated lumber and plywood for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.

We supply building materials according to your needs and deliver them to you. We create a happy customer portfolio with high quality products.

It is now very easy to reach technological products that are frequently used in daily life. You can buy many counterfeit products under the original brand name, but we market the products with a genuine product guarantee.

In the textile category, we provide services in many areas from raw materials to woven fabrics. Contact us for more detailed information on textiles.

We export high-quality phones to many countries worldwide. Our phones stand out for their high performance, user-friendly interface, durable materials, and high-resolution cameras, offering our customers a superior product.

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